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Unless stated otherwise, KAPOW meetings are open to anyone. If you wish to attend and need directions or other information, please email KAPOW.

Meeting Minutes    

Next meeting: Pagan Night Out, February 7, 2006. We will be meeting to discuss what the community would like to see KAPOW do. Come on out and share your views and opinions!

Dec 2005 PNO: We met at the Lost Savant for a fun-filled evening with new people and good food. (And coffee!) A new Steering Committee was elected, including Starr, Diedrey, Lunawolf, Amy, and Figment.

KAP&W Steering Committee Minutes. July 05, 2005, held at “Off the Wall” in Knoxivlle.

We did not have old minutes for this meeting by which to address old business, so what follows is entirely new business.

The new committee members met an hour early (at 6pm) to organize ourselves for our new terms, deciding first who would fill each of the five roles. The following was mutually agreed upon (with the exception of Thorne, who was absent):

• Chairperson: Deirdre
• Vice Chair: Phoenyx Rysing
• Secretary: Thorne
• Treasurer: Riverhawke
• Public Relations: MoonSidhhe Red Wing

Several ideas and concerns were then voiced along with ideas about how to address them. The following is a summary of the ideas, but does not indicate the sequence in which they were discussed:

Clarify for the public what KAP&W is and is not
• It is a networking service for the local Pagan Community
• It is not the parent group to the Knox_Pagans list
• It is not a tradition
• Create a separate egroup for newsletter purposes and for posting our minutes publicly.

Improve our function of being a networking service for the local Pagan Community
• Promote the egroup/calendar site of ETN_Happenings
• Making newcomers, both to the path and to the area, feel more welcomed, informed, and empowered.

Our Witches Voice listing will need to be updated to reflect the new contact info regarding the new committee. We need to do better about communicating with the businesses that host our meetings, about meeting dates and times.

Also discussed were the events to which KAP&W is already obligated:
• Roadside Clean Up every spring and autumn
• Historically, we’ve coordinated efforts with the NSC to co-host the Witches’ and the Goblins’ Balls. Our involvement with this year’s balls are still, as of this date, pending dialogue with the NSC.

A popular wish for more workshops to be offered to the community:
• Spiritual Beading (Pagan rosary-style) by Oriana, Thorne, & MoonSidhhe
• Meet the Tarot workshop by MoonSidhhe
• Henna party (coordinator pending)
• Tie-dye party (coordinator pending)
• Drumming workshop (coordinator pending)
• Basic energy work (coordinator pending)
• “Trad-Share” event (coordinator pending)

Summary of steps for committee members to take:
• Vice Chair is to clean up the KAP&W website related to references to Knox_Pagans being their list
• Vice Chair is to add a link onto the KAP&W website to the new newsletter site
• Chairperson will contact an NSC spokesperson regarding this year’s Witches’ and Goblins’ Balls.
• Public Relations will post the minutes for this meeting, in the Secretary’s absence
• Public Relations will contact The Witches’ Voice site to update the contact info in our listing
• Public Relations will create the newsletter site and newsletters
• Public Relations will contact the businesses at which we meet, to confirm that meeting space is still available, in a timely manner for both the business and our committee.

Date Notes:
• The NSC has already announced dates of October 22nd for the Goblins’ Ball and the 29th for the Witches’ Ball.
• We still need to set a date for our semiannual Roadside Clean Up. We would do well to remember to time it around the local mayhem associated with any UT home games.
• The next scheduled meeting for the KAP&W Pagans’ Night Out is on August 2nd.