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How do I join KAPOW?
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Contact amongst groups and solitaries that comprise the KAPOW community is very important if we wish to build solidarity amongst the Pagans and Wiccans in the Knoxville vicinity. If you wish to have your contact information listed, follow the instructions below and submit your information via email to KAPOW.

Contacts by request
As a general rule, KAPOW does not give out telephone number or addresses for contacts. The information that appears on the Listings page is placed there by request only. If you wish to contact someone not listed who is active in KAPOW, email the Steering Committee and they will pass on your request. However, if you submit a listing, your email address can be included with your listing.
Guidelines for creating a listing
These listings are offered as a service to the community.
  • Name (Craft name, Pagan name, nickname, etc. It does not have to be your legal name.)
  • Brief introduction, including any pertinent information you wish to share, like interests, tradition, pantheon, etc.
  • The general area where you are (completely optional).
  • Email and home page listings are welcome, and will be linked to your listing.
Once you have completed your listing, email it to KAPOW.

Sample listing:
Falling Oakleaf.
Hi! I'm in the Knoxville area, and I enjoy studying the Norse tradition. I would like to correspond with people in Knoxville, and maybe attend some open rituals.