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Knoxville Area Pagans and Wiccans (KAPOW) is a non-denominational organization established at Samhain 1998 to help foster trust, friendship, communication and respect between Pagan and Wiccan groups, solitaries and anyone interested in East Tennessee.

KAPOW Mission Statement
  • To share joy and wisdom.
  • To provide a safe environment to celebrate, worship and learn with each other.
  • To provide a forum for networking for local Pagan and Wiccan solitaries and groups in East Tennessee.
  • To sponsor educational activities within the Pagan and Wiccan communities.
How can KAPOW help the community?
KAPOW can help the Community only if the Community is willing to help itself. KAPOW can be a tool to aid that progress by coordinating rituals and workshops, providing an up-to-date calendar listing, and acting as a networking forum for anyone interested in nature-centered spirituality.
Is KAPOW a tradition?
No. KAPOW is not a tradition, nor is it part of any one tradition. If KAPOW is to function as a neutral base for all pagans, than the organization must remain neutral. One tradition, individual or group can not be favored over another.
How do I join KAPOW?
If you cannot attend a KAPOW event, you can join by contacting KAPOW (kapow@kapow.zzn.com) by email or by sending mail to: KAPOW, Suite 142, 3128 Magnolia Ave., Knoxville, TN 27914; or by leaving a message at (865) 212-8431.